Tuesday, July 4, 2017

If you use any of these words or phrases in your argument, I’m not going to take it seriously

  1. Libtard
  2. Cuck
  3. Snowflake (unless it refers to a flake of snow falling from the sky)
  4. Obummer
  5. Odumbo
  6. Killary
  7. Liberal/lamestream media
  8. Activist judges
  9. White genocide (whether lamenting it or calling for it)
  10. Use of a slur of ANY kind  
  11. “Shut up and listen!” 
  12.  “You are garbage/trash/shit!”
  13. “Go step on a Lego!”
  14. Ypipo/wypipo
  15.  Cisheteropatriarchy (used unironically)
  16. Nazi (unless referring to a literal Nazi; if you don’t know what a literal Nazi is, LOOK IT UP)
  17. Emotional labor (when you complain about giving it when no one asked for it at the same time demanding that I spend my own)
  18. Toxic whiteness (True story: a website called Everyday Feminism once charged $297 for a course called “Toxic Whiteness” – and some people actually bought it. If you have $297 of spare money in your budget, and you spend it on a “Toxic Whiteness” course, you deserve what you get.)
  19. “It’s not my job to educate you!” (when deployed after I ask an innocent question)
  20. Internalized racism (misogyny, homophobia, etc.)
  21. Black bodies (used in a non-astrophysical context)

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