Tuesday, July 4, 2017

If you use any of these words or phrases in your argument, I’m not going to take it seriously

  1. Libtard
  2. Cuck
  3. Snowflake (unless it refers to a flake of snow falling from the sky)
  4. Obummer
  5. Odumbo
  6. Killary
  7. Liberal/lamestream media
  8. Activist judges
  9. White genocide (whether lamenting it or calling for it)
  10. Use of a slur of ANY kind  
  11. “Shut up and listen!” 
  12.  “You are garbage/trash/shit!”
  13. “Go step on a Lego!”
  14. Ypipo/wypipo
  15.  Cisheteropatriarchy (used unironically)
  16. Nazi (unless referring to a literal Nazi; if you don’t know what a literal Nazi is, LOOK IT UP)
  17. Emotional labor (when you complain about giving it when no one asked for it at the same time demanding that I spend my own)
  18. Toxic whiteness (True story: a website called Everyday Feminism once charged $297 for a course called “Toxic Whiteness” – and some people actually bought it. If you have $297 of spare money in your budget, and you spend it on a “Toxic Whiteness” course, you deserve what you get.)
  19. “It’s not my job to educate you!” (when deployed after I ask an innocent question)
  20. Internalized racism (misogyny, homophobia, etc.)
  21. Black bodies (used in a non-astrophysical context)

The worst things about eating out

  1. When you’re in a group of three or more, and everyone else wants to go to a restaurant that you don’t like, and you can’t find anything on the menu that you want to eat
  2. When a restaurant covers ALL its dishes in garlic/onions/spices/miscellaneous added ingredients
  3. When every single item on the menu contains an ingredient that you don’t like (garlic, onions, etc.)
  4. When a restaurant fails to disclose an ingredient that you don’t like in the menu listing
  5. When fried coating is as hard as a rock
  6. When French fries are soggy
  7. When they don’t give you a choice between thin and thick French fries
  8. When scrambled eggs have a weird texture
  9. When rice is dry
  10. When the wine is bad
  11. When the beer is flat
  12. When the water is lukewarm
  13. When the napkins are too small and don’t fit/stay on your lap
  14. When the restaurant serves greasy food and doesn’t have napkins on the table
  15. When tables wobble
  16. When chairs are uncomfortable
  17. When the space between your seat and the table is too small in a booth
  18. When you’d rather be seated in a booth, but get a table instead
  19. When the restaurant has loud, live music
  20. When the restaurant has loud, recorded music
  21. When there are too many people talking too loud
  22. When assholes are being assholes around you
  23. When the restaurant treats certain kinds of customers unfairly
  24. (For vegetarians/vegans) When the restaurant doesn’t provide vegetarian/vegan dishes
  25. (For those with food allergies) When they won’t give you a straight answer about possible allergens
  26.  (For those with food allergies) When they say that a dish doesn’t have your allergen in it, but it actually does
  27. When the bathrooms are gross
  28. When a restaurant doesn’t take reservations and has long waits 
More to come as needed...

Why you don’t “call out” other people when they say something offensive

Photo via The Usher (stock.xchng)

The offender is an authority figure to you
You really like and admire the offender
You really need something from the offender
You want to have or already have a romantic relationship with the offender
You are in public and don’t want to embarrass the offender
You are at a festive occasion (wedding, Thanksgiving dinner, etc.) and don’t want to bring negative vibes
You were never taught to assert yourself
You asserted yourself in childhood and were severely punished for it
You asserted yourself in childhood and no one paid attention
You called out the person before and got severely rebuked
You called out the person before and were laughed at
You called out the person before and were ignored
You called out the person before, he/she seemed to accept it, and later kept on offending
You don’t think it’s a big deal
You don’t think the offense is offensive
It’s not your job to educate people