Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Have a big TBR pile? Here’s a fun way to whittle it down

  1.  Get hold of a six-sided die.
  2. Write a list of six books that are in your TBR pile, numbering them 1 through 6. If you have a short series to read (duology or trilogy), list it as one item.
  3.  Toss the die. The number that faces up when it lands is the number of the book that you’ll read first.
  4. After you finish that book, toss the die again. If the same number as last time comes up, toss again until a different number comes up.
  5. When you just have two books left, toss the die. The book number which is closest to the number that comes up is your next read. For example, if books 1 and 6 are unread, and your die reads 4, read book 6 next.
  6. The last book left is the last book to read.
  7. After you’ve read all six books, repeat the process.

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